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Heya! Just posting my video over here, too. :P

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I'd like to invite you to take part in our annual Game Development World Championship! I especially like that this game starts off as a very simple one, but you get constantly new elements to it. By the 6th world it's already a real puzzle game with some actual thinking required. All in all, it's a really nice game once you really get into it.

Thanks! Can you tell me more about the Game Development World Championship?

Well, glad that you're interested! It's a contest for finding out the best indie games from each year. It's intended for both commercial and non-commercial indie releases with separate categories for these two. The entries for this year are open until October and the entering is free - it can be done here:

Different dimensions indeed. I feel like you add different dimensions of game mechanics too! I love the challenge and the music fits the story. It's relaxing but also got me like "It's bout to go down!"


aaaa this game is adorable. nice work! big fan of the cutscene at the beginning and the lil transitions before each level. keep up the good work :'D

Thanks so much!