This small game that looks like no effort was put into it was built in less than three hours for the 1-2-3kb jam. It is an infinite runner that takes up only 2.7 kilobytes of space.


w - top

s - middle

x - bottom

Remember to click the game itself after you start it or the  controls won't work.

At first I had imagined that developing this game would be easy. Just create a small game with just an index.html file. Pretty straight forward. That was until I had completed the game and learned that it was 3.9 kilobytes, with the goal being under 3 kilobytes. Usually I would write code with not much thought about the little details. After looking over it I found three variables that could be replaced with one, two unused variables which I found obsolete during development but I didn't delete, and a way to turn a huge block of code into a much smaller block of code by learning how to splice strings. Splicing strings being a thing I should have learned in Javascript long ago.

Source code:

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Thank you so much I am glad you were able to make it under 3 kilobytes!

Thank you for the jam, it opened my eyes to something that I never really touched upon previously. That sounds pretty cheesy, but it's true. I would generally create as I went never looking back and having to create the entire game under 3 kilobytes really brought an interesting challenge to play.

Your welcome thank you for participating!