A downloadable game for Windows


WASD or Arrow Keys to move

Left click to shoot bubbles when in bubble gun mode, and left click to shoot bubble blasts when in bubble blast mode.

- Click space to change between bubble gun mode and bubble blast mode.  Bubble gun mode allows you to shoot bubbles, which you can use as platforms to traverse the terrain. Bubble blast mode is buggy and still in development, but destroys all bullets in a radius and will eventually push all objects away from the source of the explosion.

- Click M to pull up the in minimap

- Click R to reset the scene.

Install instructions

1. Extract all from ZIP file.

2. Select Bubbly Bulllets.exe

3. Click play


BubblyBulletsEarlyPrototypeShowcase.zip 16 MB
bubblybulletsPolishTest.zip 34 MB